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Cheese Mac. Callahan and his daughter Maddi were set up outside Turf Wars for a packed event filled with birthday parties, but they kept seeing families bring in pizza box after pizza box. It was the first day they added a macaroni and cheese hot dog to the menu, but after being set up for a few hours, they had only one sale. After the tweet exploded, Callahan said that he began receiving offers to set up his truck instead of him having to solicit businesses.

Fridays and Saturdays. Lupton said that when he saw the tweet, he knew he wanted to support a fellow small business owner.

He started Lupton Lawn Care with his brother Samuel this year. Since expanding the cart service, Callahan said that he has had to buy a new refrigerator to store the orders of Vienna Beef hot dogs, which is a Chicago institution since The first cart that Callahan bought is currently being retrofitted to remove a grill that is against city health department regulations, and he is hopeful that it will be operational in the coming weeks. After the second cart is up and running, his dream is to open a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

It is all hands on deck.

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