How to change wireless mac address in ubuntu

The first step to spoofing the MAC address is to bring the network interface down. It can be accomplished with the command:. Next, we actually spoof our MAC. Any hexadecimal value will do, but some networks may be configured to refuse to assign IP addresses to a client whose MAC does not match up with any of known vendors. Therefore, unless you control the network s you are connecting to, use MAC prefix of any real vendor basically, the first three bytes , and use random values for next three bytes.

For more information please read Wikipedia: Organizationally unique identifier. The final step is to bring the network interface back up.

Re: How to mask/spoof MAC address?

This can be accomplished by running the command:. Another method uses macchanger a. It provides a variety of features such as changing the address to match a certain vendor or completely randomizing it. Install the package macchanger.

Find the MAC Address of a Computer or Device

The spoofing is done on per-interface basis, specify network interface name as interface in each of the following commands. To randomize only device-specific bytes of current MAC address that is, so that if the MAC address was checked it would still register as being from the same vendor , you would run the command:.

Changing MAC Address in Linux

Udev allows you to perform MAC address spoofing by creating udev rules. Use address attribute to match the correct device by its original MAC address and change it using the ip command:. YY is the new one. The systemd network-pre. That said, not every network device supports changing of MAC address. Changing MAC addresses in a Windows system is really easy. All you have to do is to change a couple of settings buried deep inside your Windows device manager.

Of course, you can also change these settings from the networking and sharing center, but using device manager is more direct and straightforward. The above action will open the properties of your selected network device.

How to Change MAC Address On Windows and Ubuntu

MAC address is a combination of numbers and letters. You can confirm the changes using the below command in your Windows command prompt.

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This will open another window where you can edit connection settings. The changes we have done to our MAC address in Ubuntu are just temporary. This happens two or three seconds after the change. Not even talking about reboot. May be to get some extra free WiFi in places like airports and cafes or to avoid device tracking, etc.

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If you get MAC address blocked, one example I can think of is if you were hogging all the bandwidth on a puplic network and the QoS system blocked you.