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Not so easy to run through the tiles this time.

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And realistically full-screening would require the tileset files to either be much larger or look terrible, and MobileAge has obviously tried to make this game as light-weight as possible since they appear to use the same graphics for both the computer and mobile versions and, even on the computer version, require you to laboriously download each tileset individually. This is a solitare game using Mahjong tiles that is closely based on one first programmed by Brodie Lockard in and ported to the Macintosh in My Mahjong wish. If only this game could be Full Screen. What I like best about this Mahjong over any game to compare is there is an option to play with tiles other than the typical chinese calligraphy.

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What would really rock is if paired tiles rewarded the player with a short animation or small movie. There was a mahjong game I purchased long ago in th 80's that offered the best game I ever played. That game offered the best reward; if won, a short black and white old movie clip played for the winner. It was like winning the Lottery.

Mahjong Shanghai Jogatina 2: Solitaire Board Game on PC/Mac

I have several Mahjong applications, and this one is by far my favorite. The tile sets are very artful, and the only feature I would wish for is a larger selection of designs. I owned an app by this name way back in the Mac OS9 days. It's so much alike that it may be the same developer.

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It was very good then and this app is far better. I do wonder, tho, if the deck is stacked, so to speak. It seems like I am winning far more games than I expect I should. Or maybe I've gotten smarter over time, but I doubt it.

Shanghai Mahjong

I'm glad it's not a full screen app. I use a 30" monitor and it would be hard to play at that size.

I wouldn't mind it being a bit larger than it is, but am happy with it as is. Nice job.

WIth all the reviews about how nice this app looked, I foolishly assumed I could maximize the game window. No can do. I'm tired of spending hard earned money, only to find apps that will not maximize to the screen size.

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There is nothing special about the graphics or appearance of this plain-jane, garden variety Mahjong application. Very disappointed. Sign up for free. Start your solitaire mahjong fun by finding matching mahjong tiles amongst the plethora Aki Mahjong Solitaire is easy to It offers advanced Four Winds Mahjong, is the traditional chinese Mahjong game with four players MahJong Suite is a high-quality collection of MahJong solitaire games.


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Mac and PC Barcode software Absolutist's Mahjong has four variants that It's an endless game Novell in no way endorses or is affiliated with Dave's Novell Shareware. Dave's Novell Shareware disclaims any responsibility for software obtained through this site. Download: Mahjong Shanghai Mac Torrent.

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