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That software should be used to restore the image formatting will be handled automatically in the process. I used super duper to clone on to the external drive, but Super Duper says the new internal is not a mac formatted disk. That's bizzare.

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I just took my 15th crack at it and it worked Well, thanks. Jun 5, 3, That would make me very nervous. SSD drives are a wonderful but still fairly new gadget in the consumer world although the tech has been around for 20 years.

New Hard Drive Issues

Reliability is not quite there yet. That's what I get for not having it on an APC. I had to wipe and reinstall the latter.

Apparently the power outage caused the drive to partition itself spontaneously. I'd recommend having a good backup plan. I've got all my files backed up on mozy and a clone on a 2 TB external, which I will probably start using for Time Machine backups. I am pretty fucking paranoid. Ok here's a new wrinkle. When I go into disk utility and try to erase, when I go to the disk name When I go to disk0s2, which I guess it sees as a partion, it lets me erase.

Not making a lot of sense here. And now it's working. I erased the partion that was on there, reformated the drive, for some reason it worked this time and for some reason SuperDuper erased and got on its way. So freaking weird. Sep 4, 4, That drive does not sound like a trustworthy location for your data! And fwiw, restores are a lot trickier from SSDs than from rotating magnetic disks, so a Mozy backup is a very good idea Super Duper keeps stalling out.

Any other ideas? Oct 12, 5, JP. Mail the drive back for a replacement? At least Ebola hasn't closed the airports. Could it be the SAta cable? Nov 5, 6, At this point, I'd be petrified to rely on this hard-drive. Another thought as I try to diagnose this, when the disk is mounted, data transfers super super slow.


My old HD was also super slow? Does that point to a cable problem? Thought I'd let you know how this all worked out. Click on the hardware description line for the drive in the column on the left.

How to fix deep formatting problems with OS X drives | MacIssues

If this is not correct, you can repartition the drive in Disk Utility. Thank you very much, I have been ripping my hair out for hours trying to figure out why this bloody thing wouldn't format! Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: hotdoggyurkeyam hotdoggyurkeyam. I just got the exact same one this weekend and was having the same trouble! Thanks alot Bob! User profile for user: Jonathan Tyler Jonathan Tyler.

I'm having the same problem. In the column on the left there will be several lines for each storage device that presents itself to the system as a "disk". The first such line for any drive names the manufacturer and describes the drive hardware.

That's the hardware description line. Now a hard drive might be partitioned into several "logical volumes", each of which looks like a separate disk to the operating system. Each of those will be listed just under the hardware line for each of your drives -- indented a bit. For drives that support removable media such as your DVD drive , there will only be a volume line if there is currently media inserted in the drive.

Your main hard drive, the one you boot from, likely is partitioned into only one volume so there will only be one line following the hardware line and it will bear the name of your boot disk -- most likely "Macintosh HD". Click on the hardware line to see the partitioning information for that particular physical disk drive at the bottom of the window. Virus attack : Although Mac is considered lot more safe as compared to Windows but still few nasty viruses are being written for it.

Erase process has failed. Click done to continue. Disk Utility Error FIX - Mac

Modification in BIOS setting : Sometime when we go for some changes into the BIOS sector it will lead to emergence of several erroneous situation related to Mac file system formatter failed problem which you would never like to have. Corruption in header file : Header file are one of the crucial file that contain entire information about the file that you are going to access. Hence, if there is a problem the requested file fails to respond and even generates Mac file system formatter failed corruption messages.

Catalog files node corruption : Catalog is the system generated file which keep record of file type and its recent accessing type.

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Problem with boot sector : When there is a problem with boot sector, Mac system fails to load and as a result you are unable to access the stored data files and there arises Mac file system formatter failed issues. Hardware or software issue : It is also a common factor that is quite responsible for Mac file corruption and in a lieu emergence of erroneous situation. All the above mentioned reasons are the probable causes for inaccessibility of Mac data.

Now a question arises that, how a novice user know about Mac file system formatter failed? Well, for your feasibility here are given some of the common symptoms. There is a well known proverb that precaution is better than cure, this too is applicable in case of Mac data.