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Audio - Logitech Z speakers + Retina MacBook Pro | TechEnclave - Indian Technology Community

Previous Next Sort by votes. May 28, 1 0 18, 0. I just bought the Logitech Z 5. I use my laptop, which has 2 audio jacks there's a microphone jack too, I didn't try to plug it in there , so I can only plug in 2 of the 3 cables. The speakers are supposed I think to have some kind of forced surround sound output so that stereo input is played in surround, but if I only plug in the front speakers, all that plays are the left and right speakers and the sub.

If I plug in 2 of the cables, those two things will play, but not the third.

How can I connect my 5.1 speakers to my 2017 iMac

I tried using a splitter, with one cable plugged in directly and the other two sharing the splitter, but that seems to overpower the speakers that aren't using the splitter. The output is still only through the front jack. Before these speakers I used a cheaper 5. I really don't understand why the Z won't just port sound from the front left and right to the rear like my old ones did. Any ideas on why I can't get this from the Z? Guest Guest.

Nov 9, 5 0 10, 0. Lynnzer Estimable.

front.parohod.biz/margaret-atwood.php Since the D1 is bus powered you still have to plug the USB in but you select the optical output. Of course I suppose you could power it via discrete USB power supply. Kudos for the checklist here. Both very hacky to obtain.. I have a Logitech z and would like to have surround sound on both the Mac and Windows side. I am interested in this product on EBay http: Okay, I decided to just go for it.

Thanks for your help though! I can see it stops coming out the end of the cable. When I select 2chbit Integer after that, nothing happens, not even the internal speakers work. Everything looks right, the volume is shown as expected, but no sound. I have to restart the computer to get any sound. Hello, I have creative 5. When I connect it with Jack cable to Mac mini, only 2 front speakers and subwoofer works.

My question is: Will it work? No idea. AJ…You will need a sound card to plug the 5. Then use a Toslink cable to connect your Mac Mini to the soundcard. I have a digital cable connected to the audio out port of an iMac mid , El Capitan The audio control of online video the small speaker symbol below the video can only be clicked on or off.

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How can online audio be adjusted when a digital cable is plugged into the audio out port? Model Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: Everything gets mixed down to stereo. I never see the blue decoding light come on with optical input from my iMac. You need a drive formatted fir NTFS. I only mean to say they add steps if you want a more advanced experience, either way thanks for the article! Hey John — Your analysis sounds correct. You need a 3. Previous post: No Post Today. Next post: For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies.

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Previous Next Sort by votes. Sep 3, 1 0 0. Hi, I'm designing a new house I'll be moving into in a few months and am planning the home cinema room. I will be getting a projector to stream my films from my macbook via HDMI and games via PS4, but I'm not sure how I'd go about passing the audio through to Sonos speakers. I also want to have a TV that sits behind the motorised projector screen, so I'd need to connect the tv to the speakers too. Would be great if I could get some pointers on how I should go about the setup. I've seen the words receivers and hdmi splitters thrown around, not sure if those are required for my setup?

Thanks, Jason. Aug 27, 13, 0 , 7, Sonos speakers, while they are fine for distributed music aren't really up to your planned setup. The Playbar or Playbase is designed to connect to the optical out of a TV.