Fleetwood mac 2013 london review

Fans of Fleetwood Mac have been teased with a possible McVie reunion since last September, when word first broke that McVie was going to rejoin her bandmates for a couple concerts in London.

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She appeared with the band -- for just one song each night -- on Sept. Soon after guesting with the band at the O2, McVie told the Guardian that she would be "delighted" if the band were to "ask" her to play with them again.

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I don't really think you have to ask. Because it's your band.

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Most of those songs are in our set anyway. We'll just end up telling stories and talking about how these things happen. It's always fun to share that with your audience. Hopefully they'll continue the tradition.

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So while there will be a good number of their greatest hits in there, don't expect to hear everything. Eight minute drum solo: Mick Fleetwood last time chose to perform an eight minute drum solo that teetered on the balance of brilliant and insane.

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As one reviewer put it, "This was a refreshingly spontaneous moment, including mostly incomprehensible calls from the drummer to the audience, 'Are you blah blah blah? New material: The band have been teasing about recording a new album for a while, so they could choose to share some new tracks with the audience. Speaking to Rolling Stone about recording new songs, Lindsey said, "There's a lot of stuff there.

Fleetwood Mac Mirage Review

Some of this we will do in the show. We're not pushing it. We're just going to wait and see what everybody wants to hear. Stevie Nicks' trademark twirls: Google 'Stevie Nicks twirl' and there are tons of results. Stevie's trademark twirl is a thing to behold - and we doubt we'll ever know how she manages that without seemingly ever getting dizzy.

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