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The first thing to do is fill in the Display Name of your game then go down to the Product Information section and fill in its Version Number , App id , App Output file and the Copyright details. The App Output is the location to which your game installation files go to on your Mac. When you create your.

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Once that is done you will need to give your game Icons and a Splash Screen. The splash screen should be the size of the first room in your game as this is what will briefly be shown while the game assets are being loaded. Smaller or larger images are permitted but will be scaled to fit. Once you have configured the game details and presentation graphics, you should configure the two following options:.

Finally we have the option to give a Team Identifier.

The graphics options will determine how your game is displayed when run and affect the way things like scaling and interpolation are handled. The following options exist:. Switching off the application surface will disable all the scaling options set in the Global Game Settings until it has been switched back on again.

But then one day about 2 weeks ago, when I was lying ill in my bed, I decided to check what is draining my battery so fast and if I can fix it. Fortunately the OS X comes with the Activity Monitor, which also gives you the overview which apps put most impact on your battery life. If you sort the list by column Avg Energy Impact , you will find the most troublesome apps.

In my case Google Chrome.

How to unclutter your Mac's desktop by opening windows in tabs

You can solve the problem easily by quitting the app, but as I mentioned, this was not viable in my case, as I want to use Chrome. By the time I went to analyze it for the first time, the Avg Energy Impact value for Chrome was well over , around It was quite simple. I literally had to close one single tab in Chrome, which was using lots of CPU.

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There is one not-so-well known tool in Chrome, that allows you to analyse how much resources the individual tabs consume. To my case.

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It was this page. And look at this, when I have this page opened and pinned:. It was obvious choice.

How to Close All Safari Tabs Except Current One On Mac

I can live without pinned tab about exchange rates, if that makes my laptop alive for twice the time. If you feel that your laptop battery is struggling because of the Chrome, check out the Chrome Task Manager. Kill the most greedy websites with fire and notify their developers.