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It's still extremely lightweight and slim, easily sliding into a bag and not really providing much bulk. This does mean it feels more solid than the others mentioned, but we wouldn't recommend you're any less careful with it. Perhaps Apple should think about shaving off some of the bulk in future versions to keep it in line with rivals.

Apple's displays are also one of its MacBook headline features. The company has introduced its True Tone display into this latest version of its MacBook, after debuting it into its iPad and iPhone range last year.

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True Tone essentially changes the white balance of the screen according to the light conditions in your location. The result is to reduce the strain on your eyes if you're using it for a while - a great addition for workers who are using the MacBook Pro as their main computer. However, it can change the look and feel of the screen, making the colours look a little off at some points.

So if you're using it for Photoshopping or video tasks, you might want to switch it off temporarily. It's especially important given how stunning the display is on its own. The The technical quality is bang on, too. Apple's current keyboard design is, surprisingly, now four years old, first appearing on the inch MacBook. The "butterfly-design" as Apple calls it has received a lot of complaints since it launched, mostly because customers found the keyboard totally failed when dust or other material made its way under the keys.

So although it's the same design as those previous troublesome keyboards we're talking pre models , Apple has updated the keyboard with this latest MacBook Pro, adding rubber underlays to keys, which the company says makes typing quieter, though the rubber membrane also keeps helps keep out dust. And these refinements have certainly worked to lessen the noise of typing.

It certainly is quieter to type and although it makes the keys feel a little more cushioned and some would say, less tactile. But we're big fans of this keyboard design, even if it has created headaches for customers and Apple. It's effortless to type on, with the low profile allowing your fingers to glide over the keys at speed. The feedback from each tap is satisfying and responsive, making it a joy to work with. The trackpad hasn't changed at all with this latest version of the MacBook Pro, but that's fine, because it's one of the best-performing, largest trackpads out there.

Coupled with macOS' powerful gesture support, it works impressively. The only thing that can be a little tricky to master is the ability to drag and drop items around. Sometimes, we found that instead of moving files and folders, it would instead open the info screen or if highlighting text to paste, up would pop the dictionary.

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Now we come to the meat of the issue: power. The MacBook Pro is as the name suggests a professional-grade machine, so without some muscle to back it up, all its design values and fancy keyboard are nothing but window-dressing. Thankfully, Apple hasn't held back when it comes to performance - in fact, that's where most of the upgrades are focused. The new MacBook Pro's base configuration comes with a quad-core 2.

If you need a bit of extra oomph in any particular area or indeed all of them you can also upgrade the individual components at the point of purchase. We tested the most expensive hardware configuration, which includes a 2. Those impressive components aren't going to waste, either. This is the most powerful 13in laptop we've ever seen - and by quite a margin. In our benchmark tests, it sailed comfortably past the XPS 13, the Spectre 13, Microsoft's latest Surface Pro and even the Surface Book 2 , surpassing all of them with an outstanding overall score of It's also surprisingly capable at professional rendering tasks, despite the fact that there's no discrete GPU to take advantage of.

Storage is also outstanding. This was a highlight of last year's model, and the MacBook Pro impresses once again with blazing speeds of 2.

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That's ahead of all its Windows-based competition for reads, and orders of magnitude faster for writes. All this means that the MacBook Pro is just about the fastest 13in laptop on the market. At no point during our testing did it show the faintest signs of slowing down or struggling regardless of what we threw at it, and it ran like lightning quick no matter how many heavy-duty programs we had running.

The days of force-quitting demanding apps to save on processing power are well and truly over. Look at how flat the keyboard is compared to the entire bottom part of the laptop.

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There is very little key travel. My score on Typingtest. Apple claims this change was made to improve keyboard stability, but I've never heard anyone complain about Apple keyboards pre-butterfly.

Mac Pro 12222 release date and price

I have a MacBook Air at home, and I still like that keyboard better. The butterfly keyboards won't be a dealbreaker for most. Let's get to the real reason the new MacBook Pro exists: the 8th-gen Intel silicon bump. My demo unit is an i7 clocked at 4. There's a base model with an i5 and a more premium i9 model that's only available on the incher. And with the new processors paired with Apple's T2 chipset, these laptops are blazing fast. Not once during my testing period did I see the dreaded "spinning ball" that now dominates my MacBook Air.

Even when pushed to do intensive tasks, such as outputting 4k videos, my unit never got warm nor made the loud fan noises that I'd get from Huawei's MateBook X Pro. It's worth mentioning that the top tier i9 model did suffer from throttling problems during the first week of launch, as first noticed by tech YouTuber Dave Lee , but Apple has since fixed it with a software update.

This type of quick response is commendable. Also new to this year's laptop is TrueTone display and Siri support. The former is Apple's smart tech carried over from the iPad Pro and iPhone X that automatically adjusts display temperature to better suit the lighting in the environment. While useful, I turned it off because I prefer accurate colors when examining photos and editing videos.

The final Apple-specific feature is the Touch Bar, a digital touchscreen strip that replaces the F-keys on keyboards. The strip is context sensitive and will display relevant action buttons depending on what I have opened. These include fluffy things, such as a quick emoji shortcut button during typing, and actually useful things such as full-on video controls, including a scrubber. I love being able to fast forward or rewind video clips by swiping on the Touch Bar. In the recently released Mission Impossible movie, Tom Cruise is tasked to stop a terrorist group who lives by the mantra "there cannot be peace without first, a great suffering.

I look at the "dongle hell" situation of the MacBook Pros as something alongside that train of thought.

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch with Touch Bar review

This means most users need to plug in an additional accessory a. I can't even use my wireless mouse with the laptop because I don't currently own a dongle, but unlike most reviewers, I'm not annoyed by it. I see it as a necessary sacrifice. USB-C is the all-in-one cable that the tech industry has been pushing for for three years.

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But due to manufacturers wanting to play it safe and cater to the masses, adaptation of it is still slow. USB-Cs are far more flexible, adaptable and capable of transferring power and data. We need to suffer through dongle hell now in order to live a future in which everybody can just use one cable for every accessory and device.

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Of course, there is great irony in this, because Apple still insists on using its own proprietary Lightning port for iPhones when it's obvious USB-Cs are better for power delivery and data transfer. Speaking of charging, the MacBook Pro thankfully won't need that too often.

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