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We want to create exciting and thrilling combat, to deliver a real feeling of battle, give our players a feeling of being a part of a unit that performs a military task. A computer game with all its conventionalism may provide for better balance: such as faster and more dynamic battles or concentrating on the most interesting aspects of a battle - e.

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Unfair play is a scourge for PC shooters. Online shooters are vulnerable to aimbot and wallhacks by their nature.

There are several ways to fight against them and we plan to use them all: 1 Basics such as moving, aiming, controls and hit detection are calculated server-side only. Thus speedhack, godmode, instakill or full recoil compensation or bullet spread modifications are impossible on the client side; 2 Server anti-cheat system such as FairFight or similar; 3 Client anti-cheat system such as Easy Anticheat or similar; 4 Certain game design features also help to make a game less vulnerable to cheating - e. We plan that there will be different sorts of military vehicles as a part of the scenario for different battles, since they are a very important part of real combat operations and objectives in most episodes from WW2.

Player control of vehicles is one of our current development goals.

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The game requires DirectX 11 and a 64bit system Windows 7 or newer , we will probably add support for Vulkan later on. Also, if the community is interested we can possibly release the game for MacOS. We want our players to be a working part of the development process. Along with our players we have gathered the targeted sum that allows us to work on development of the Tunisian campaign. We plan to recreate several of the most famous WW2 battles such as the Battle of Moscow and the Invasion of Normandy, with support from our players we hope to make some other campaigns as well.

Working on every such battle requires not only its own content - locations, characters, weaponry, but thorough work on the balance and game rules. Our campaign is more than just one map or location, vehicles and soldiers involved It mean dozens of missions with almost hundred variants for weaponry and environment will cost too much and and will have extremely high requirements for your system.

If we try to make all the campaigns as one game, such a game will be very expensive, take 5 years to develop, require a lot of space on the drive and will not be needed in the end. That is why we are addressing you - our players, so that you will decide what battles you want to play.

The current list of campaigns is not final, we will thoroughly read your suggestions and will do our best to implement the things that our players are interested in. It is not the whole budget of development but achieving this milestone will allow us to bring more people to the team and work on further campaigns and expand the gameplay, such as an opportunity to control vehicles for example. At the same time we will understand what campaign is most interesting for our players so that we can concentrate our efforts on it in the first place, prioritizing the development process.

Every player should decide whether he wants to play a certain game and spend his money with an understanding of what he will get. However a player who purchased more than one will see them all in the game as selectable chapters.

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Also we do not want to impose micro-transactions as an opportunity to purchase some sort of ingame advantage. A player will have an opportunity to get collectable weapons and characters that are different from the others but do not offer ingame advantage which is strange in the first place - a bullet to the head means death for every person after all rather providing uniqueness or rarity.

We ran a survey and it showed that the vast majority of players prefer a freeplay approach.

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This has influenced the game development process significantly. Such a change in the distribution model also requires a change in the design. This is why it will take us some time to prepare and implement new goals, to adapt them to a new distribution model. What is left unchanged is our course towards wide scale and realism and also the open development of Enlisted. Halloween in War Thunder! On this night, demonic forces will try again to break through into our world! Participate in our in-game races and earn cool decals and decorations!

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