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how to block MAC address in d-link router

If there is blank field for Description or Name, name it magicJack Plus. Click Save or Okay. Port Forwarding 1. Click the Firewall button. Click back again. DMZplus Mode 1. Select this one Do you see the Allow all applications DMZplus mode? Enter the base station password if necessary. Click the Internet button, and then click NAT.

The default IP address is I suggest you use that default. Also on the host computer, enter the subnet mask Running a simple command from the terminal can give you this. Open a terminal window. Input the following command and hit Enter:. The address contained in the last line with the UG flag is the address for your default gateway. Create a new folder on your desktop and name it MAC address 2. Click here to Download and save this file to the folder you just created. Run the downloaded executable. It is a self-extract archive. It cannot be used if the magicJack is NOT connected to the computer.

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Adding MAC Address?? Input the following command and hit Enter: route -n The address contained in the last line with the UG flag is the address for your default gateway. Wi-Fi Protected Setup is that lovely, convenient, one-button connection mode that's available on most access points today. Once WPS has granted someone access, it then gives them your PSK so that their device can connect to the network normally. Changing your PSK will not mitigate this! The only way to mitigate this, which is fully within your control, is to disable WPS entirely. Some newer routers have added functionality to inhibit such attacks, but this is not something end-users can easily validate with certainty unless they're prepared to test the exploit themselves.

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Unfortunately, many router manufacturers - especially on older models - have made this difficult or impossible to do. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 5 years, 3 months ago. Active 2 years, 11 months ago.

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Viewed 2k times. Any ideas on why this may be happening? Buzu Buzu 10 10 bronze badges. In summary: Stop relying on MAC filtering.

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It's a nice security add-on, but is really easy to bypass. Don't even bother hiding your SSID. Anyone can still see it, and your clients end up being less secure when it's not broadcast.

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This should be your primary defense against Wi-Fi bandwidth and data thieves. Disable WPS. Get a new device or firmware if you need one. If said router is provided by your ISP, you can always buy your own and throw it on the network behind the ISP's router. Iszi Iszi 7, 37 37 gold badges 98 98 silver badges bronze badges. Using WPA2 is something I had considered, and thought my question is not really about how to keep intruders away, but about why the mac filtering may to be working, I do appreciate the long explanation on better methods of securing a network, and why other methods may fail.

As for mac filtering, the options are really simple that I don't see what I may be doing wrong. I will definitely take another look with your comments in mind. You're asking about how to fix your attempted solution MAC filtering when the solution itself is not going to help you solve your problem unwanted users on the network. Someone's giving it to them every time. Your router has a weak implementation of WPS turned on. You're using WEP. You're using a weak or predictable PSK.

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Unlikely, but included for completeness: A system on your network is infected. Changing the password was in the list of things to do. In fact, I'm setting up a long password with the recommended encryption algorithm. I ask a lot of my question on this network of sites mostly out of curiosity regarding a specific topic, that is why I wanted to know why filtering is not working, even if it won't be part of the solution. I like to satisfy my curiosity that is all.

Also, these are not dedicated attackers. They are stupid kids who just happen to have a software available that cracks the passwords. That combined with my mom's poor knowledge of security makes them seem like dedicated attackers, but they are just clicking a button, and waiting until the program gathers all the packets it needs to crack the password. The network is usually active, so they can pretty much just run their program and it will start collecting packets right away. Thanks for your help. You certainly touch on some good points.

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