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The humanity was all but extinguished in the apocalypse it brought upon itself, its last remains reduced to hiding in holes waiting for an unlikely miracle — or, which seems much more probable after all those years, simply waiting for the last supplies to run out. After all, there is little hope of ever getting out of the Metro, for the world outside turned into a poisoned nightmare where a human cannot survive without a gas mask.

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Having a gasmask does not make continued survival all that much more probable — many areas are still too irradiated to enter, and the Surface in general is teeming with hideous creatures born of radiation. Grudges and enmity are sure to arise in times of need, and in this world they blossom like never before. The survivors, who could probably stand a chance of overcoming all the hardships and ridding the world above of the mutants, were they united, nevertheless break up into antagonistic groups.

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No activation or online connection required to play. Money back guarantee. Metro: Last Light Redux. It is the year Beneath the ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow, in the tunnels of the Metro, the remnants of mankind are besieged by deadly threats from outside — and within. Mutants stalk the catacombs beneath the desolate surface, and hunt amidst the poisoned skies above. But rather than stan User reviews.

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  • Metro Redux is the ultimate double game collection..
  • Product details. System requirements. But rather than stand united, the station-cities of the Metro are locked in a struggle for the ultimate power, a doomsday device from the military vaults of D6. A civil war is stirring that could wipe humanity from the face of the earth forever. Scarborough to York. Buy tickets. You are not signed in My account.

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