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SteveAJones once said that we'd 'be lucky if they ever sat down and had lunch together', or something to that effect. I've always respected Fleetwood Mac How's it going "docron? These are two different bands. Danny Kirwan.

Kirwan's story is a tragic one like that of his mentor Peter Green. I am looking forward to sharing all of this true information with all of you soon.

I just got home from the local bar and I am going to get a head start here on the tragic story of Danny Kirwan. Green was so impressed with Kirwan's playing that he booked some dates for the group at the Marquee and encouraged the trio to go professional. There was a certain vibrato in Kirwan's fingerwork that was quite unusual.

Kirwan also had a really nice, angelic melodious voice. Danny Kirwan was an exceptional guitar player who, in turn, inspired Peter Green into writing the most moving and powerful songs of his life. Kirwan played lead on many Green compositions and was distinguished by a unique pronounced vibrato.

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Mick Fleetwood recalls that the shy guitarist was the first person in a major way that laid the grounds of foundations for myself and John McVie being able to feel quite comfortable with harmony. Although extremely musically talented, it was Peter Green that knew how to bring out Danny Kirwan's god-given talent. However, there was a dark side to Danny Kirwan that would be his downfall. Danny Kirwan's personality was a bit on the strange side.

Christine McVie remembers him being really really neurotic and difficult to work with.

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Christine McVie recalls how Danny was one of those type of people that would never look you in the eye, to be around him was a very nerve-wracking thing. And because of this, Danny Kirwan and Christine McVie would never explore their talents together by writing songs together. Bob Welch agrees that Danny Kirwan was one of the strangest people that he had ever met in his life. Welch contends that while Kirwan was very nervous, at the same time, he was also a very intuitive musician and at the age of 24, Kirwan played with surprising maturity and soulfulness.

There was an idealistic and pure thing about Kirwan that was destined for greatness. Peter Green's thoughts on the matter was: "I feel badly because I introduced him to this girl, an ex-girlfriend of mine. Claire was a mad girl that used to hit Kirwan with his Les Paul! I don't think that kirwan should have married Claire, he should have just let her have the baby. Green continued by saying that Kirwan wanted to do the right and noble thing by marrying her.

Danny and Claire are now divorced. Danny Kirwan stayed with the band for several years, through both Green's and Spencer's departures and Bob Welch's arrival. The whole situation came to a head one fall night when Kirwan and Welch got into an argument over tuning a guitar. Five minutes before the show, Kirwan smashed his own head against the wall, then took his Les Paul and broke it to pieces and lastly, refused to go on stage with the band.

Instead of going on stage, Kirwan would sit at the soundboard and watched the band flounder through the show. Afterwards, Kirwan went so far as to negatively criticize the band. Later on that same night, the rest of the band decided that they could not carry on like this anymore, the tour was cut short by being cancelled and Mick Fleetwood was given the task of firing Danny Kirwan. The scene was dreadful! Peter Green was Kirwan's idol and mentor that also knew how to bring out the best in Danny Kirwan.

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When Green left, Kirwan was lost. I truly believe that Mick and I are solely responsible for where Danny is now. I wish that I could help him but I don't know how. I have also enjoyed reading all of your threads on numerous topics resulting in me learning something different. Now, it is time for me to begin the thread. However, there was one legendary Guitarist that was overlooked and forgotten on "leddy's" thread that I feel would be a good topic of discussion.

It was also during this time that I was trying to decide on many topics to write about on my next thread. The Guitarist's name is Mr. This original legendary line-up would truly kick ass with Rock n' Roll in more ways than one and at the same time, give you some of the greatest Blues Rock music moments that you have ever heard in your life. However, Green's high pitched guitar sound would influence another great guitar legend named Carlos Santana thus making Green's sound his trademark that would last to this very day. Peter Green also wrote some of Rock's all-time greatest songs ever that would gain more fame by being trademark songs for other great legendary bands.

There are also some great new CD collections that make up for all of those years that the early MAC'S albums were unreleased. But that would change in the 's. In , Snapper Music would find the original 8-Track master tapes and Digitally Remaster and Remix them using today's updated studio technology process. These shows will definitely blow your mind away! You have to hear these 3-CD's in three parts to believe it. This is another great live show with great sound quality. After putting down the guitar and not playing it for years along with his failing health, his playing talent deminished.

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See it for yourself. I hope I didn't talk your ears off. I hope you enjoyed reading my thread. Please comment on it whether it is a positive or negative one. I appreciate true honesty.

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Listening to all three parts of this blistering live performances, one cannot help but think that some of the songs that they performed actually sound a lot like early ZEPPELIN, album's 1 and 2. These three part CD's without a doubt, capture Peter Green performing at his absolute best. It was also during the Boston Tea Party shows that Peter Green was about to submit his resignation as the band's lead and rhythm guitarist and vocalist. I guess that it is fair to say, in a way, that the Boston Tea Party shows in February , were Peter Green's last hurrah and farewell.

What a way to quit a great legendary band, by giving his very best performance of a lifetime as a farewell. I am sure glad that someone recorded these blistering live shows because no one would have ever believed it. However, all plans for a live album release were cancelled due to the resignation of Peter Green two weeks later resulting in shelving the project indefinitely. Just think, these live tapes remained in the vault for two decades without seeing a day of release. There have been numerous bootlegs of these legendary shows that surfaced in the 's and 's but the sound quality was awful and did no justice at all for the band's performance.

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But all of that would change in when the original 8-Track master tapes were found, remixed and remastered using today's updated recording technology process. Snapper Music Inc. Here are all of the song tracks for all three part CD's as follows:. For those of you that have not heard these live shows, I do hope that you will buy these three part CD's and listen to them for yourselves in their entirety. I do strongly believe that you will feel the same way that I do when you are done listening to all of them.

For those of you that have heard these live shows on CD, please post a comment here on this thread and give me your true opinions of these shows that way our readers, that are not familiar with these live shows, will get other opinions and views from other fellow readers. I would truly like to hear what all of you have to say about these blistering ass kicking shows.

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I'd love to hear these live shows You can buy them, if that's what you mean. As to whether they're 'official', I don't know. Don't think they are. I consider myself pretty up on my music. To have never have heard the early blues-rock Fleetwood is like a shot in the nuts. The Original 8-Track Master Tapes were found in and were remixed and digitally remastered.