Nvidia quadro k5000 professional graphics card for mac

It supports x with a refresh rate of 60Hz and x up to 48Hz. The card also features a silent cooling system rated at 28 decibels, which is a little less than a soft whisper uttered in a quiet library by someone six feet away.

These older graphics cards are compatible with macOS Mojave

As cooling goes, that's really quiet. A single Mac Pro can support two Quadro K graphics cards.

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Image source: Nvidia. Eight things I love about iOS.

PNY NVIDIA Quadro K5000 Video Graphics Card For Mac Pro- 4GB DDR5 VCQK5000MAC-PB

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Supported aftermarket graphics cards

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Drivers not needed: How autonomous drones will change the delivery of everything from packages to pizza. The Quadro K for Mac is based on Nvidia's Kepler architecture and is described by the company as "the most powerful professional-class GPU ever for the Macintosh," which, to be fair, isn't difficult as it's the only model currently available.

AMD doesn't make Mac-compatible versions of its FirePro workstation-class boards, though over the years sources at AMD have let on that they'd very much like to.

NVIDIA Quadro K Computer Graphics Cards for sale | eBay

However, unlike on Windows PCs, Apple controls the video drivers for all graphics card, so releasing a card requires signing a deal with Apple—something AMD or the previous developers of the boards under the FireGL brand, Diamond Multimedia, and then ATI and Apple haven't been able to agree on over the range's year history. You can put up to two Ks in a single Mac Pro.

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  5. It'll be available as an add-on board and in new Mac Pros from specialist vendors, but not—we infer from the press release—from Apple itself.