Java 6 64 bits mac

I dont know what to do because everywhere else it says you need to upgrade to a 64 bit version of java but i have that. I have installed the most updated version of java and when i go to my launcher settings it wont let me select any memory past 1gb. I have uninstalled and reinstalled java 5 times and it is still not working. It is driving me crazy please help. Any advice? I use windows 7 with java 8 bit, but every time i try to open main tekkit it gives me "java SE binary is not responding" it works with tekkit lite, however.

I have the newest java Installed 64bit but for some stupid reasons it only lets me use java 32 I cant find 64 anywhere on the select version tab, so it only allows me 1gb? This will make locally run Java applications use Java 7 instead of Java 6. You can uncheck the Java 6 options if you do not want them to be allowed to run. This section is for the Java runtime for local applications, and has nothing to do with the web plugin.

Have more questions? Submit a request. I have this same problem. I already have Java 8 64bit I submitted a question about this and this was the reply: Hey there, thank you for the detailed support request.

Key Details of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) (64-Bit)

And it worked!! I can't Go to Java 1. Please Help!! Im on a Mac Btw.

The launcher inst a startup item Powered by Zendesk. Added support for the new var keyword in Java Fix various small editor bugs. Many other minor fixes. Fixed: Many printing problems, especially for the Java editor. Fixed: Git support issues, especially with sub-packages on Windows. Fixed: Many printing problems. Fixed: Class documentation view shows blank on first view.

Terminal to turn white and not redraw correctly. Fixed: Several teamwork issues and bugs especially in Git.

BlueJ 4 adds support for the Git version control system and retains support for Subversion. List of fixes and improvements: Fixed problems in handling SVN projects. Fixed minor issues with the debugger. Bug fixes and improvements: Fixed: Scope highlighting for various cases Improved detection of sudo permissions Added Raspberry Pi configuration tab Fixed: deleting text when a breakpoint is set causes an exception. Bug fixes and improvements: Allow "get" to put package-private members on the object bench Uses system language by default if a translation is available Fixed: Missing class name in project documentation under "inherited methods" Fixed: Mac OS X, projects with certain characters in their path were unusable Fixed: Subversion: Can't see projects available for checkout Fixed version 3.

Bug fixes: Fixed: class type parameters not shown in class diagram Fixed: issues with highlighting, pasting and deleting text in codepad Added: message displayed when no project open, for clarification Fixed: Inspectors could not be moved by dragging them on Mac OS X Fixed: Debian package now recognises oracle-java7-jdk package. Bug fixes: Fixed: Error when first creating class documentation on a project on a network share Fixed: Incremental parsing bug scope highlighting while editing Fixed: Debugger: If halted while reading from System.

Bug fixes: Fixed: Parsing bug with parenthesized identifiers Fixed: Parsing bug with multiple initializers in 'for' loop Fixed: Encoding issues with output to System. Bug fixes: Fixed: Strange "CUI" icons in editor window Mac OS Fixed: Missing space in error message Fixed: Windows launcher crashes if project path longer than 50 characters Fixed: Codepad rejects some syntactically valid expressions that have non-void types Fixed: Codepad rejects constant integer division by 0 Fixed: Auto-complete does not always properly refresh Fixed: Comment attached to method drops first character when shown in call dialog Fixed: Interactively calling instance method with null result fails to show result dialog Fixed: Codepad not casting some values correctly Fixed: Interactively calling varargs method with reference type parameter hangs.

Bug fixes: Fixed: Compile error could cause compiler to hang Fixed: One line comments should not affect scope colour Fixed: Various small scope highlighting issues Fixed: Various minor problems in the code pad And many more minor bug fixes.

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Added keyboard shortcuts to increase and decrease font size in the editor and terminal. Fixed: Debugger window could hang the system.

Installation of the JDK and the JRE on macOS

Fixed: Editing actions throw exceptions when in interface view. Fixed: Typing "5;" int to the codepad hangs the codepad. Fixed: Dependency in binary-not argument not detected. Added some control over the date formatting by the Submitter extension Includes newer version of Svnkit library, should resolve some subversion issues Fixed: "New Project", then selecting an existing project gave a bad error message Improved cursor behaviour in editor slightly Fixed: BlueJ launcher Windows sometimes gave a "MSVCR JUnit test recording significantly improved records more interactions.

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Improved window handling. Installer improvements. Numerous bug fixes. BlueJ now requires Java 5 or newer. Older Java versions are no longer supported. Added test class creation for applets. Adaptations for MacOS User preference directory location is now configurable. Fix bug with teamwork tools and packages. Make code pad font user-definable.

Download Java for OS X 2017-001

Some other minor bug fixes. TXT not saved on quit Fixed: Debugger doesn't detect when user steps past end of called method Fixed: Run Applet dialog does not resize gracefully Fixed: BlueJ becomes unresponsive when program produces a lot of terminal output Fixed: Leaving type argument blank for constructor calls doesn't work. Fixed bug in specification of VM location in bluej.

Bug fix in extension API: compiler warnings are now propagated to listeners. Mnemonics default applet template does not compile Compile errors not shown properly Implementation arrows not selectable test result display should let you jump the line where an Close terminal window with its project clear input buffer at execution start Multiple dialogs when deleting package BlueJ opens file twice click in selectino in editor does not unselect Javadoc for the Java API doesn't work Unicode character not supported in java source code BlueJ fails to launch browser ESC should close dialogs extra javascript in javadoc interface view Main thread never terminates if another thread tries to j The auto-indent should work in both directions There should be an opposite to TAB key indention.

Musicant dmusican mathcs. String and call static methods breakpoints in main did not work - fixed editor tab size definable in bluej. This may be used to supply use-only classes to students without source bug with incorrect project closing fixed class positioning when adding class from file corrected long error messages in editor now wrap over two lines. Pressing the "? This serves as a starting point for the file chooser install support for jdk 1.

So far, only packages without nested packages are supported "package Includes breakpoints, single stepping, variable inspection Execution implementation changed to use JDI - promises significant improvements in stability and reliability Applets supported development and viewing in applet viewer and browser Dependency analysis fixed - works correctly now Many editor improvements Help button for compiler error messages and exceptions Array inspection implemented Exception handling reporting improved.