Restoring files from time machine to another mac

Say that you unintentionally wiped out a critical document several weeks ago that you now hope to recover.

How to Restore Your Entire Drive from Time Machine

Use the timeline along the right edge of the screen or the navigational arrows toward the bottom right to go back to the time you deleted the file. When you click, the windows fly forward or backward for a second or two until landing on the chosen day.

Restore Individual Files from Time Machine to New Mac

When you encounter the wayward file, highlight it and click Restore. Initially I needed a Finder and Terminal window so I had to setup the new Mac as new with no user data so I could fully access the Time Machine backup to apply the fix. Then I connected the backup to the Mac. Backup Bug Mac macOS In my case as it wasn't on a TimeCapsule I could just delete the file from the mounted backup drive and then re-attempt the restore. I wish time machine worked better, I really wanted to use it.

How to move your content to a new Mac

I finally gave up after a couple years of issues and moved to an rsync-based backup and it has been great. Wasn't impressed and I reverted back to CCC. When I switched to Linux, I wrote my own rsync based backup as well. A Restoring screen appears.

You can keep an eye on this screen to monitor the restoration, which may take several hours or even overnight. Your Mac will restart automatically when Time Machine finishes restoring the backup. When you sign in to your account, you may have to go through a few setup screens, such a screen for signing in to your iCloud account or setting up Touch ID on a MacBook Pro.

Once the restore finishes and you follow the instructions to restart your Mac, you should be back where you were before the problem occurred. On the Restore From Time Machine screen, notice the text saying that the drive you restore onto will be erased.

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This is true—the entire volume will be erased and your Time Machine backup will be copied to it.