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Dragon is very accurate after doing only the basic setup, but more advanced voice training helps it improve your profile. That may not sound like much, but if you dictate often, you understand that correcting those little words takes as much time as any other correction. Visually, Nuance has simplified the Dragon interface.

The status bar is smaller, and the correction window is separate, making these two items easy to position on your screen. The company has improved formatting for numbers, times, and amounts, which can save time. And the transcription process—when you use Dragon to create text from a recording—is simpler. The biggest change in Dragon 6 is the ability to mix dictating and typing in certain applications. Dragon for Mac was never very happy when you combined dictating in the same document, except with just a couple of apps.

In the past, if you dictated a couple of sentences, then typed or pasted something, Dragon lost track of the text and the position of the cursor in the document, making it harder to edit text. With version 5, every time you paused after saying something, you would see the text appear on the screen one letter, one word at a time, very quickly. Freemake Blog is the place where we, Freemake team, share our findings of new and interesting apps, software and websites across the Web.

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Feel free to contact Freemake Blog team. And it was a complete fail. So as it is impossible in the general mode, for dialects recognition create a profile and modify Accent. Try these tips and tricks to improve the quality of your speech recognition:.

‎Dragon Anywhere: Dictate Now on the App Store

Nonetheless, it is a great app to write your ideas down hands-free. Apart from numerous iPhone and Android apps, Nuance Communications also develop software for computers. Drachenstein , thank you for the technical detail and insight into the speech-recognition world. Keyboard Maestro has a lot of command and control features but text handling is limited to pasting text or sending keystrokes.

Dragon allows text entry and text editing so it needs to be able to keep track of the text buffer being used by the application. For most things, the system windows and controls implement the accessibility APIs, but it is possible to make your own controls that do not, as well as to mess up the system controls for example, it is possible to make the accessibility hierarchy recursive, which never ends well, and recent versions of Chrome managed to mess up some of the window accessibilities.

Dragon Anywhere Demo

However the accessibility API is unfortunately pretty limited as far as reaching in to text fields, so things like finding the current keyboard focussed item, finding the selected text, reading or writing from the focussed field or selected text, all of that could be done via the accessibility API, but the implementation of it is so varied and poorly implemented that it is not really very practical unfortunately. But at least in my investigations, currently all of that is extremely hit and miss as far as implementations go.

I selected an MBP15 2. I had to contact Nuance to obtain the correct serial number combination but was treated to excellent customer service and the technician got the information to me within a couple of hours. I installed a copy of version 6 which is now running on the laptop. It crashes about once every couple of hours but that is not much different than the former system.

I have an idea that this will be a limited time situation so I have written to Apple [as suggested] to seek more capability with the native dictation system. When I originally received this new laptop, I tried the native dictation system with great disappointment. I work in an industry where I have to answer 20 emails a day one or two of more than 10 paragraphs.

The productivity enhancement is dramatic. I probably save an hour a day using the Nuance V6 software. It was a Discrete Speech recognition product. I hate to ask this but you should know the backend better than anyone. Will Dragon Professional Individual for Mac 6 at some point stop being able to be installed because Nuance will take down the license validation server? Hopefully Apple will address this upcoming loss in functionality so the disabled, people with RSI, authors, doctors, lawyers, etc.

Nuance Has Abandoned Mac Speech Recognition. Will Apple Fill the Void?

It sounds like this feature will allow voice-based control of the mouse, via commands and a grid. It seems that customisation of the base vocabulary will also be possible, so that novel words can be added. There will also be the ability There will also be the ability to correct dictation errors and to correct dictation errors comma Using voice only comma Using voice only along similar lines to the nuances Dragon NaturallySpeaking along similar lines to the Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Most important for me will be in dictation accuracy. What does everyone else think about this development? I as you may guess I am very excited.

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I hope others do as well. Dragon Dictate in use with the hope of Voice Control soon.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Individual for Mac 6.0

Occasionally mistakes are made. I correct the ones I notice…. Has anybody managed yet to use the voice control features in the new Mac OS? What do you think of them, is the transcription reliable? Also I note that the enhanced Siri transcription engine will not be available with UK English, what impact do you think this will have? Thanks in advance for your help and feedback. I am an American and am handicapped, and also the victim of taking Lyrica - a drug prescribed for Neuropathy.

Well I got tremors alright, to the point that most of the time I cannot type. Photo of Christopher Reeve by Mike Lin.

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I would invite other readers to share their thoughts on these questions. Thanks for the reminder, Done! These are personal opinions…] I will not try to reframe some historical inaccuracies in comments above, but I do want to outline difficulties companies face in providing services like speech recognition on macOS.

Dictation & Speech to Text App

That makes sense. Reading and writing the text from the current focussed element. Reading and writing the selection from the current focussed element. It would likely open up a whole swathe of great automation and accessibility techniques.