Does the world of warcraft battle chest work on mac

As long as your MBP is from or newer, rest assured it will run World of Warcraft without breaking a sweat. This section is usually where it gets tricky as older Macs offer a very limited gaming performance. World of Warcraft has always been one of the most expensive MMOs in the market.

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What was annoying was the need to also purchase the base game plus each Expansion as they came out. Luckily, that changed when World of Warcraft and all previous Expansions became free to all subscribers. That said, you still have a couple options when it comes to purchasing the game.

Nowadays, most modern Macs should be able to run it without breaking a sweat. As long as temperatures are tolerable, it will run. If it ever becomes dangerous the mac will shut down automatically.


Can you please do an article about how to get a gaming mouse to work with the Mac? Which is how I had half the spells set up. First world problems. The mouse button configs is not support on MacOS as stated on their webpage for that mouse.

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But I would suggest in the future finding a gaming mouse that better works with your Mac. Logitech and Steelseris both can cost a bit more but have always played well with Mac. WoW Classic is set to launch on August 27th, the game download will only be about gb and will have requirements a bit below the current WoW.

So it should run even better and not a massive download. I can not wait.

I have the MacBook Air and could run current wow just fine and ill make sure to send in full info on my classic experience. Yes please, I am looking forward! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This free tool uses the data from every game we've ever tested to show you what games your Mac can run. On this review:. Where to find it. You can read more about it below.

World Of Warcraft Battle Chest 5 (PC/Mac) - English

First things first, is the game any good? World of Warcraft Mac requirements. If your Mac already struggled with WoW, you may want to upgrade to a new machine before jumping into Battle for Azeroth… That said, the game does support older integrated graphics cards such as the Intel HD which means Macs from onward should be able to handle it. That should clear up any issues. It should run on win I just got on the other night. It seems that most are playing custom maps, but you can still find a 3v3 random after a few minutes in the queue.

You can additionally go online to play, but it is not required. There are actually two discs and both are PC only. It has battlenet for online play, but you don't need internet connection to play. The disc needs to be in the computer to be played so if they wanted to play at the same they would need two discs. Just pay once. Just keep in mind that Blizzard doesn't really have much support for it. Online play is free at least it was when the game first came out.

World of Warcraft Battle Chest Now Included in Monthly Subscription

Great game too. There is offline mode as well.

Do bear in mind that Blizzard has essentially abandoned all it's games franchises except World of Warcraft so there's nothing in the way of support for this game. World of Warcraft MMO does. It's all free. You have to make a battle. Like I said the online play is practically dead now. I play for the campaign. Now stop asking sum questions.

World of Warcraft Battle Chest

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