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Note : If installing the Repository on a non-Server Windows Operating System XP, Vista, Windows 7 , note that in standard configuration these operating systems will not allow more than 10 incoming connections without purchasing additional user access licenses from Microsoft. This means that if more than 10 machines render nodes or workstations connect to the Repository, connections will be dropped, which could result in corrupt render jobs and other problems. On Windows, the Repository installer requires that the Microsoft.

NET Framework be installed. This is a guide for setting up and configuring your network to get the best performance out of your render farm. It contains a section on hardware considerations to help ensure your Repository machine meets the current and future demands of your render farm. The license server applications are extremely lightweight, so you just need to choose a machine that is reliable and is rarely taken offline. On Windows, Deadline requires that the Microsoft. On Linux and Mac OS X, Deadline requires that Mono be installed, which can be downloaded from the Mono Downloads Page you can find the download link by clicking on the version numbers in the table below.

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Visit our help center. Preview This Course. Course Overview Transcript View Offline Exercise Files If you have an existing Snow Leopard Server installation that you want to…upgrade to Lion Server, you're in for a treat, because the upgrade process is…actually probably the best way to move from a previous installation of any kind…of OS X Server into Lion. Resume Transcript Auto-Scroll. Author Sean Colins. The course gives an overview on servers: what they are, why they're necessary, and how to set them up quickly. It also covers file sharing, managing iOS devices with the new Profile Manager, and creating and sharing podcasts in Podcast Publisher, plus productivity services such as iCal, Address Book Server, and iChat Server, which keep shared calendars, contacts, and chat conversations securely in your possession.

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Preview course. Search This Course Clear Search. Welcome 1m 2s. Preparing for Lion Server.

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Knowing your network and how it routes to the internet 2m 58s. Understanding Lion Server installation requirements 2m 37s. Planning for your server 4m 18s. Understanding the changes in Lion Server 5m 45s. Things that went away in Lion Server 3m 1s.

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Downloading Lion Server 3m 16s. Preparing Your Network and the World. Introducing port forwarding on the router 2m 26s. Extending your network using Airport Express 5m 29s. Installing and using AirPlay 5m 30s. Sharing your name with the world 10m 28s. Reserving an address for your server 2m 29s. Laying the Proper Foundations During Setup. Understanding the upgrade process 1m 35s. Upgrading a client 2m 19s.

Starting up for the first time 13m 45s. Downloading additional server tools 2m 10s. Introducing Server App 6m 22s.

Getting an Apple ID 5m 27s. Understanding how Lion uses SSL 2m 5s. Creating a self-signed certificate to generate a certificate signing request CSR 5m 20s. Installing your SSL certificate and intermediate certificate 3m 49s. Remote control 2m 37s. Connecting Storage to Your Server. Choosing external storage 2m 17s. Managing Macs and iOS Devices. I tried using Open Directory but could not activate it at first. I could not create an authentication server, and I don't know why it failed to start on several tries.

Of course, Kerberos, the underlying authentication technology, used for authentication relies on DNS lookups.

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There are multiple ways you can deploy Open Directory, so I suggest you read the help files. It boils down to this: Server Admin provides far more details than Server Preferences, so it's the destination of choice if you are a network administrator. Mobile Access uses its own version of a highly secured tunnel; it is intended strictly for mobile workers who need access to corporate emails. Bottom Line Server Preferences of Snow Leopard Server is strong evidence that Apple is working hard at attracting small businesses that would otherwise consider staying in the Windows ecosystem. Against Windows Server R2, that's another matter, for Windows contains advanced services and roles, and has sophisticated deployment capabilities.

That depends on what your infrastructure needs and the applications that you need to run on your backbone. It's no brainer that companies that use Mac services will want Snow Leopard Server. Preferences are quick way to turn on some of the services and features on Snow Leopard server. Slide a button and click a couple of Web services, and the Web server is up and running.

Admin is the place to manage the server and its services. Apple did a good job with the firewall settings. A huge selection of ports and protocols can be turned on with a click. In addition to the Mail Service in Preferences, the Admin pane provides detailed settings to turn the server into a robust mail gateway. In addition to maintaining the network infrastructure at PCMag Labs, Mario tests all sorts of software and hardware tools that help small business get bigger.

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