Big mac sauce recipe paprika

The original Big Mac ads didn't call it Special Sauce

Easy to make, tasty and a very nice accompaniment to burgers. Used it for our health-conscious turkey burgers last night and this sauce put it over the top. We always have Bubbies pickles in our fridge so the brine type of spicy pickle juice is what I used, and believe the recipe author was referencing something similar as opposed to the vinegar-based. Also, didn't have anything but smooth dijon mustard and I think that worked well. See Epicurious article for the Shake Shack story.

We rarely use ground beef for obvious reasons so I developed a winning taste profile for mostly bland ground dark turkey. To 2 lbs of ground dark turkey, I add 1 small minced red onion about 2" in diameter , minced portobello mushroom about 1 cup; adds moisture to keep burger from drying out , 3 tblsps of minced FRESH oregano, S P to taste.

Big Mac Sauce

Mix carefully, shape, chill, enjoy. This sounds so yummy for burgers.

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  • McDonald's Executive Chef Shares 'Secret Recipe' of Big Mac's Special Sauce.

I do believe this means the pickle juice from the jar of pickles. This sounds excellent. Will try it on my flame broiled burgers this weekend. It's just what I was looking for. I'll use that juice and try this sauce tonight! I believe that would mean the juice from a jar of spicy pickles..

The ORIGINAL Big Mac Sauce Recipe - 100% REAL McDonalds Big Mac Sauce

Vlassic makes "Zesty Pickles" and I think other brands do too.. I was thinking exactly the same thing! Tell us powers' that be!


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Under 30 min. Salads onion, finely diced lettuce, finely shredded 1 gherkin, thinly sliced. Roll half of the beef mince into a ball and pat it down until a finger thick, bigger than palm size patty. Repeat with remaining beef. Fry both patties with salt and pepper for 2 and a half minutes a side.

McDonald's Secret Sauce - Big Mac Sauce Recipe

Add 1 cheese single to one of the patties. Toast the burger buns on a dry pan on medium heat until one of the sides is golden brown. Mix all the sauce ingredients and set aside. Time to build this bad boy! Spread burger sauce on a bun, sprinkle diced onion, shredded lettuce, place the patty with cheese, place another slice of bun. Then more sauce, more onion, shredded lettuce, gherkin slices, another patty, and the last slice of bun!

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Yes TZ Helpful Heba Ayman Delicious!! Benjamin Collett Make the sauce first, then the patties for warm burgers.

Homemade Big Massive Burger

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